Tom's Portfolio

Dedication and curiosity for technology found here!

Tom's Portfolio

Dedication and curiosity for technology found here!

Thomas Gooch

Cybersecurity, Web Development, Software Development

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Thomas Gooch

Cybersecurity, Web Development, Software Development

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The Skills So Far...

Info/Tech Systems

Both my major and a passion of mine ever since I was a young kid. I've always been interested in how our modern technology works, specifically how the Internet was created and how it functions today!

Web Development

Developing websites and website applications is a newer skill that I've recently gotten into. I've been able to create a website entirely from scratch using custom HTML/CSS 5 which can be viewed in some of my projects!

Software Development

Developing software has always been a hobby of mine to work on. While I'm not a F.A.A.N.G-grade developer, I still follow best practices and educate myself on some of the newer programming languages being created! My main focus is on Java, JavaScript, and Python with the latter being used for automation.

What Else Am I Into?

Worldwide Contact

I like meeting new folks from across the globe! I'm always eager to expand my skillset and learn new things especially from talented, experience people worldwide.

Tech Advice

My main interest is in the physical devices that actually enable the Internet and networking in general! If you've got a question on how a certain technology works, troubleshooting or any other general questions, feel free to hit me up!

Other Development

While it's not a field I haven't experimented with quite yet, developing applications and services for mobile devices does pique my interest! A future goal of mine is to spend some time learning the mobile application architecture, best practices and common techniques!

How My Time is Spent!

If I’m not spending time with my friends and playing video games outside of work, my time is spent developing essential skills! Of course, not everything can be gained from extensive studying.

My Levels of Expertise

Web Design
Web Design
Program Development
Networking and Cybersecurity
Networking and Security
Customer Support
Customer Support

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About Me!

My name is Thomas Gooch, however, I prefer to go by Tom! I’m currently a full time student at Collin County Community College and I’m majoring in Computer/Information Technology Systems. My current fields of interest are cybersecurity, networking, software development, and web development. In my free time, I tend to play video games with my friends or just scroll through Twitter and YouTube. I don’t usually upload onto social media, but links are provided below if you’d like to get in contact with me!

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CompTia Network+

CompTia A+

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Certified Cybersecurity Technician (CCT)

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